nFront Password Filter Pricing

How is nFront Password Filter Licensed?

nFront Password Filter SPE and MPE can be used to filter passwords for the Windows Active Directory. nFront Password Filter SPE and MPE are licensed based on the number of active user accounts in each Windows domain.

nFront Password Filter for Desktops and Member Servers filters passwords on local SAM accounts. These versions are licensed based on the number of machines to which they are deployed.

nFront Password Filter is one of the most cost-effective security packages you can purchase.

License Cost

Please fill out the form below and we will get you a customized quote to your specific needs.

Version Part # Price USD
MultiPolicy Edition NPF-MPE Call or Request Quote
Single Policy Edition for Domain Controllers NPF-SPE Call or Request Quote
MultiPolicy Edition for Member Servers NPF-MPEMS Call or Request Quote
Single Policy Edition for Member Servers NPF-SPEMS Call or Request Quote
Desktop Edition License - 10 pack NPF-DE-10 Call or Request Quote

For a price quote fill out the form above and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have more specific details you can always send an email to sales [at] Don't forget to include the number of domains, the number of domain controllers (DC's) and number of users so we can expedite the quote process.

How does the maintenance contract work?

The annual maintenance contract is very affordable at only 16% of the product price. The annual maintenance contract gives you 2 benefits:

  1. Access to updated versions
  2. Access to phone and priority email support

We understand that your password policies may not change. However, server technologies often do. When x64 servers were released to market we were one of the first password filtering vendors to offer an x64 release. Customers with maintenance contracts were given immediate access to the upgrades.

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