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Data Recognition Corporation

Bill Henke
System Administrator

"nFront Password Filter was purchased to meet an audit requirement of multiple domain password policies. The download and installation was easy. Installing the package on each domain controller was the most time consuming aspect, but only having to license it in one place was nice.

After installation, our multiple password policy was very well received and has been quite successful. Between the price, and the fact that the product performs as advertised, I have been very satisfied with nFront Password Filter."


Chris Watson
System Administrator

“We decided to look for a password filtering product in order to harden our existing password policy and enable dictionary checking. We could not get the required functionality from Microsoft Windows 2003. After researching solutions on the internet we found an article for Passfilt Pro (now known as nFront Password Filter) and decided to download and test it. We tested another solution that was complicated to install/configure and did not function properly or consistently.

nFront Password Filter was so easy to download and implement that we decided to call and verify we were doing it correctly. From day one, the product has been so easy and hands off, we forget it is even there. The implementation was easy, we ran it in a test lab using different dictionaries and it worked perfect. Implementation of the new policy to end users was fairly seamless, we alerted them to the changes with newsletters and emails . To sum it up the product is extremely easy to use, implementation straight forward and we have had zero problems or issues . I would recommend the product to anyone that needs this type of solution.”

HD Supply Waterworks

Roger Branton
Thomasville, Georgia

"Hd Supply Waterworks needed to have a stricter password policy. We use the nFront Password Filter (MultiPolicy Edition) to avoid establishing an over-simplified password policy for all users. nFront Password Filter was able to match our AS/400 security system. It also helped us meet the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. nFront Password Filter gives me peace of mind knowing we are safe from password cracking techniques like Rainbow Cracking."


Jürgen Schaffer
Traunreut, Germany

"We have used nFront Security Password Filter (Multi Policy Edition) since 2004. We use it to ensure compatibility to UNIX and AS/400 as well as to force passwords that are not too simple and not too complicated. We even had the software customized to avoid the problems we had with the German umlauts."

Arcelor Atlantique & Lorraine Dunkerque

Gonzague Petit
Grande Synthe, France

"The main reason we use nFront Security Password Filter is to set a password complexity of level 2 for Domain Users. Without nFront Password Filter, we only have the choice between zero complexity or level 3 complexity passwords. We also use nFront Password Filter to increase the password complexity for users who are Domain Administrators."

Sir George Monoux College

Harvey Baxter
London, UK

"We have been using nFront Security Password Filter for 4 years, it is an excellent product, and it does what it says it will do. It made a complicated job very, very easy."

Ultimate Software Group Inc.

Leon Motta
Weston, FL

"nFront Security’s Password Filter (MultiPolicy Edition) enabled us to enforce multiple password policies for our administrators and general users. The native Windows password policy is not able to apply more than one password policy. nFront Security Password Filter got the job done. The detailed instructions made the application easy to apply."

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